Young Adults/College Students


Entering young adulthood can be both exciting as well as stressful. Some young adults are entering college, finding new employment or trying to figure out what they would “like to do” with their lives. Some of these new experiences bring along with them stress, whether it is

-How do I balance the energy I allow for my studies with the energy I want to use to expand my social network?

-How do I handle my family expectations with what I want for myself?

-How do I go about choosing a major; creating a path that will lead me to my hopes/dreams?

As a result of these questions, this age group may be experiencing any of the following issues:

– Relationships and Social Skills


-Depression (Sadness, Bipolar)


-Career choice

-Family (disagreement, separation, parental divorce etc)

-LGBT concerns and other identity issues

I have experience helping young adults and college students navigate their desire for autonomy and independence and their reliance on the adults in their lives for support (financial, emotional) and guidance.