Explore your ability to grow and connect without feeling like there is something wrong with you.

Dr. Adam Benson

FLEXIBILITY is one of the keys to ongoing mental health and THERAPY CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH THE FLEXIBILITY YOU NEED.

We were all taught a unique set of rules and standards that has helped us to survive within our family framework. Now, as we grow into adults, there are times when these behaviors hinder our ability to function adequately within other systems (i.e. school, work, relationships). Yet, stepping outside our comfort zone is the most challenging work we must do.

How can therapy help?  How could I help?”

Therapy provides you with more tools to use as you engage in the world.  It’s about giving you other patterns to choose from so that you have more options…. And subsequently, more ability to approach a situation with FLEXIBILITY.

Therapy can help you explore what works, and what doesn’t work for you in your life. I can help you examine the patterns you have created for yourself,  and in a compassionate way, learn how to identify them and ultimately change them, when needed.