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Life is all about relationships; whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, another person, your health, your finances, your career or the balance of work and play in your life. All these types of relationships can be a source of joy for you or they can cause distress, concern and worry. Most of us have dreamed about being in a wonderful relationship and may have even been certain we were in one.  At some point, however, we find ourselves feeling disheartened, confused, or frustrated because we are unable to obtain the right tools to find the courage to say what we need or want in order to recover, or maintain that fundamental relationship.

Dr. Benson can help you with all of that! He is trained in IMAGO relationship therapy and enjoys working with individuals and couples using this theoretical framework to guide him in his work. He can teach you vital skills and help you discover invaluable insights that can help you develop and reinvigorate your relationship that has the potential to become fully alive.  With these new skills and insights, you are bound to discover more about yourself and improve the interactions you have with others that will ultimately foster some of your best relationship moments ever!

For couples, IMAGO therapy is used when

-You feel like you are in a good relationship but want to learn more about what attracts you to the other and why certain things frustrate you about the other.

-You want to create a more committed, fully alive relationship

-You and your partner are having difficulty and think you might need another person to help you navigate the conflict.

IMAGO therapy helps by deepening the dialogue between the two people making up the couple, helping them reconnect and decide whether they want a shared vision for their relationship.

IMAGO therapy is a form of relationship therapy and can also be used  for individuals to help them be more present in their relationships overall and develop conscious, intimate and committed relationships with those that matter to them most.

For individuals, IMAGO therapy is used if

-You are single and ready to “find love” or discouraged about meeting the “right person”.

-You have recently broken up or divorced and want to find out “what went wrong” with the relationship and “what I can learn from my experience”.

-You are ready to uncover patterns that are not working for you and replace them with successful skills for connecting and finding a love to commit to.

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