Fees, Insurance & Policies

Fees and Insurance

I am currently on the Aetna plan but otherwise, do not work directly with insurance companies. Payment is expected at each session unless we have made alternative arrangements. If you are not on the Aetna plan, session fees can be reimbursable if you have out-of-network benefits for mental health. Please check your plan for pre-approval, deductibles and annual limits. Your policy will also tell you the kind of reimbursement you can expect to receive.

As an out of network provider, I am able to provide for you more flexibility with regard to the regularity you can attend sessions, the amount of sessions and the amount of confidentiality, privacy and discretion you can expect.

It is my goal that money should not become a constricting factor that would cause someone to avoid weekly therapy. In general fees for out of network sessions are offered on a sliding scale and are generally in the range of $175-$300 for an individual session and $350-$450 for a couples session. However, please feel comfortable to discuss with me what is truly affordable to you and I, in turn will figure out if I can afford to accept that fee.  Individual sessions are typically 45 minutes. Couples and parenting sessions can be anywhere between one hour and an hour and a half.


I am aware that in life, emergencies happen and our time is not always in our control. Some professions may require last minute travel and/or meetings/auditions etc.  As a courtesy, I ask that you try to provide me with at least 48 hour notice if you need to miss or cancel your session.  Alternatively, some clients work out an agreement that they are allowed to miss a set amount of appointments (usually 4) even if it is last minute. Preferably, we can try to reschedule your appointment for another time.   Depending upon our agreement, cancellations due to last minute emergencies are handled on a case by case basis and are explored during your sessions. There will be times I will need to charge you for your regularly scheduled appointments but this will be discussed beforehand.