What to Expect

Once you contact Dr Benson, he will speak briefly about what brought you to call and then he will do his best to arrange a time that works for your schedule. His office is conveniently located one block south of Union Square between 12th and 13th Street on University Place. It is one block away from the L, N, R, Q, W & 4/5 & 6 trains.

During your first visit, Dr Benson will request some general information and will explore with you what brought you to therapy. He will begin to obtain a history of the presenting concern and depending upon the acuteness of the situation will explore with you how to negotiate and approach the concern. Therapy is a process and while you may see some immediate results, it generally takes some time and patience before one may begin to see more long-lasting results.

Individual sessions are generally 45 minute sessions offered one time or several times a week.

Couples sessions are generally an hour and a half for an IMAGO session.  Sometimes, they may be an hour, depending upon the circumstances.

Parenting sessions are either 45 minutes or an hour depending upon the need. IMAGO parenting sessions are often an hour and a half as well.

Group Sessions are 90 minutes, every week for 8 weeks with an option to renew for another session of 8 weeks at a time.

While it is preferable to attend therapy on a regular basis and at a regular time, those working in certain fields (ie. Actors, Dancers, Musicians etc) are sometimes unable to do so and as a result, there is flexibility given with regard to scheduling.